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What Makes a Good Office?

People are so caught up in what makes a good employee or what it takes to be a good manager, that individuals often forget one of the most important aspects of the working environment – the office.

Once you get the basics right, your office can help generate new ideas, build solid work relationships and help your business thrive, but how do you construct an area that both promotes your brand and caters for those who work in it?

Natural Decor

One of the oldest tricks in the office design book is bringing aspects of the outside into the work space – this can be anything from house plants to indoor water features. It’s also important to have large windows that let in air and natural sunlight. If you struggle to bring aspects of nature into the office, at least let your employees look out at it from their desks. If windows are going to be difficult to build into your office design plan, then look at installing blue enriched indoor lights that will help increase alertness and productivity among employees. Dull or no light can negatively impact an individual’s work ethic and cause fatigue.

Get Comfy

Make sure all your employees’ chairs are comfortable and of good quality. If your staff member is sitting in a chair for eight hours, it needs to be able to be adjusted for their individual needs.

You should also make sure your meeting rooms, kitchen and breakout areas all have sofas, cushions and cosy chairs that allow your employees to unwind, relax and talk amongst each other. Your staff need a space to go to get away from their often demanding work routine, and what better than a space where they can get comfy and socialise?

Up-to-Date Technology

With the world of technology evolving and changing every day, it is important to stay on top of the latest devices in your industry. Make sure your office is equipped with everything your business and its employees need. A.I. technology is becoming more popular day by day, so maybe it’s time to look at how artificial intelligence could help you and your team.

Open Up and Break Out

Your ultimate aim is to create a space where people love to be, whether that be current or future employees. Your office should create an environment with a pleasant atmosphere that people enjoy working in. One way to do this is to cater for your different employees’ needs and working styles. Make sure your office is diverse and has a mix of open plan features and cubicle-style work spaces – include multiple breakout rooms and areas to come up with ideas and solutions for the business. People work differently and that should be reflected in your office’s design. Those that work better in quiet conditions will spend time in the private areas and those that thrive in busy environments will be more attracted to the open plan area.

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