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The Rise of the Kitchenette

Kitchens have always been a hub for communication, enlightening conversations and coming up with ideas.

The kitchenette in an office is an essential aspect to the workplace. The kitchen is a place for employees to relax and unwind, so the area needs to be comfortable and spacious. It definitely shouldn’t be left to last when planning an office’s layout or rejuvenation. The kitchenette is a place for employees to get away from their computer screens and re-energise their mind and boost their energy.

Not Just Your Usual Kitchen…

Kitchenettes are the breeding ground for spontaneous meetings and fresh ideas. They are a place to get the latest news from staff members, but also updates on the business too. It’s more likely that you’ll see groups of people brainstorming or mingling, than people separately eating their sandwiches. With a good, well-thought out kitchen area, employees are more likely to spend the first few minutes before they start grabbing a hot drink and talking about their working life.

However, the kitchen space is also an area for communicating with peers, catching up with colleagues and coming up with ideas. There must be places to sit and converse, while sipping on morning coffee. Therefore, the kitchenettes is essential for both relaxing and socialising and it must reflect both of these factors.

Take Care of Your Kitchen

A messy break room can really deter people from eating in the area, meaning some may not eat at all. Hunger is definitely a distraction at work, and so is an employee eating at their own desk. Someone snacking away in their area may not only make their own personal space messy, but also disturb people around them. People are far more likely to eat in a clean, comfortable space and the kitchen area is the only place to do it.

The kitchenette should be considered the heart of the work environment – a place where people can come to talk. It acts as a safe place for employees to converse with each other. Other members of staff who are working will not be distracted by people talking either, if there’s a space primarily for talkers to go.

Break Out Kitchen

The kitchen should be seen as another breakout space and should be equipped for members of staff that want to work privately, collaboratively and in a different environment than their desk. The office should be designed like an employee’s second home and the kitchen should be seen as the hub of the work ‘party’. Breakfast bars, TV screen, big tables and counters are essential to a good kitchen area that wants to emulate a person’s home. However, the kitchen could also be designed like a café and have coffee machines and good catering facilities too.

Let Your Creativity Flag Fly

On the other hand, the kitchenette is a chance for your business to test its creativity and work in some quirky features that represent your brand. There could be board games, computer games or even football and ping pong tables. There could be hammocks or egg chairs and maybe even a book shelf. The kitchen area is a chance to let your inner child loose and design a space that both your employees and yourself would enjoy unwinding and socialising in.

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