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The Office of the Future

The world is constantly growing and evolving, and so is office design. 2018 saw the introduction of many new office trends such as different textures, biophilic design, naturalistic aesthetics and alterations for individual differences.

However, what does the future hold for office design beyond this year? We take a look at the office of the future and what new revolutionary ideas we are bound to see in the next decade.

Employees Will Want More

The office must evolve and adapt to suit the younger generation with their need for more. A traditional cubicle office plan or an open plan office just won’t be enough in a few years. It’s time to look at flexible plans that work for everyone. An office built for individuals’ differences will continue to become popular, especially to those younger people looking for diversity and a comfortable place to work and converse with colleagues. Office designs will start to encapsulate this need for interaction with modern kitchen areas, more break out areas and more developed meeting rooms.

Think Outside the Office Box

Individuals like difference and a big reason someone may choose to work for you is because of your inspiring office design. A large part of the future will be thinking outside the box and putting your own twist on office design trends. For example, you could take the increasing need for social spaces a step further by having a relaxation area with hammocks and plants. It’s time to think of your office as a second home, instead of as a working environment.

Office Tech

As technology evolves, so will its place in office design. People should expect to see a big change in the next few years and work out how their office will incorporate technology into their employees’ every day working lives. For example, it is likely that everyone by that point will be wearing some form of technology, whether that be a smart watch, a device tracking physical activity, digital glasses or an ear piece connected to their phone. Meeting rooms must be adapted to accommodate the change that technology will bring. For instance, televisions should be able to connect with phones and tablets seamlessly.

Prepare for A.I.

Artificial intelligence is here and growing. The office of the future will have AI technology in every meeting room and working space, because soon we won’t be able to imagine life without it. Need that document sent to accounts? Artificial intelligent technology can do that for you immediately. Need to send an email to your CEO to book in holiday? A.I. can help you with that without you even lifting a finger to type. This is what the employees of the future will want, so your office has to be ready for it.

Office design is still stuck somewhat in the past and the way people think about the working space is still more traditional, than revolutionary. However, as more and more new trends arise, it won’t be long until we see a whole new look for office design and gain a new perspective on the way we work in these spaces.

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