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Why You Should Redesign Your Office…Now

Is that wallpaper starting to strip away or your plants are beginning to die? Are your staff are starting to look dreary and grey from lack of light or colour?

If you and your employees are starting to struggle with the working day, productivity or positivity, then it’s time to shake things up and redesign your office.

Welcoming the Modern Age

Redesigning your office is a chance to bring your business into the modern age. A new office design can incorporate your brand more and update the scenery to where your company is now. For example, if your company is ten years in, why should your interior be a decade old? Your office may be what is keeping you stuck in the past with a cubicle-style layout, white painted walls and a broken window. As your business evolves, so should your office. It’s an opportunity for you to open your mind to new ways of thinking and build on ways for your staff to be inspired too.

It’s the Means to Improvement

Having an office overhaul is the time to try new trends and ways to motivate yourself and your employees. Look for ways to improve the workplace in terms of lighting, artwork, working spaces, relaxing places and furniture. Wave goodbye to stuffy, enclosed desks and dying plants and say hello to nature-inspired décor and bright, inspiring wall art.

It’s a chance to update with your new employees’ needs in mind. Over the years, your turnover could have brought in people that require different working styles and demands compared to staff that were hired before. Think of making the space as comfortable as possible for everyone, including a space for people to relax when work becomes too stressful.

Bring the Team Together

A new office design is refreshing and exciting! A design overhaul gives the chance for employees to contribute ideas and bring the team together. Redesigning as a team can bring up morale and creating an environment that benefits everyone will certainly inspire creativity and increase positivity. Bring your staff together with ideas to visually stimulate employees to be more productive – ask people what they want by holding meetings and collaborating. If you do not have time to listen to everyone’s opinions, at least ask people for feedback in emails or get people to vote on colour schemes.

Clear the Space, Clear the Mind

The boost in positivity and productivity of staff can also greatly improve your business as your employees will be working harder because they feel more relaxed and at home in their environment. The involvement your staff had in the redesign will really pay off in the long run – they will feel their own personal touch has been incorporated into the office. In addition to this, staff will want to look after their own working space if they like it – uncluttering those desks will certainly unclutter minds.

Also, redesigning the office can help you maximise the work space you have and help you run the business more efficiently and cut costs. Giving your office a makeover also signifies a big milestone in your business – it’s the opportunity to see how far your business has come in terms of growth and success.

Build an office that represents the size of your company now and look back at how far your business has come.

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