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Building an Office for the Future

It’s time to say goodbye to traditional methods of office design and look to the future, as the younger generation begin to search for jobs that offer more than just employment.

It’s not just about designing an office for the future, but an office that will cater for future generations.

A More Modern Way of Thinking

There are many benefits to having millennials work for your company. For instance, a younger generation could bring new and fresh ideas to the table. They are more in touch with how business works digitally and in the modern era. Many will be more enthusiastic having just finished a degree from university and be ready to dive into work with a positive attitude. Young people will bring energy and vibrancy that people who have been in an office for years just will not have.

Make Room for Collaboration

Collaborative spaces are essential when constructing an office and even more vital for a younger generation that value socialising and communication. Allowing a space for staff to talk, come up with new ideas and share a morning coffee will not only boost office morale, but also generate productivity and may even help employees come up with notions that refresh the business. Also, employees can help each other with work more easily and have conversations away from the working space that need to be more private.

Don’t Cage Your Employees

The thought of working from nine to five in an enclosed cubicle office like a chicken in a coop can scare many young, potential employees away. Even if you do think a cubicle style design would be best for your company, it’s important to integrate a space where staff can relax and unwind when things become too stressful. There should also be another space for the opposite reason to – to let busy employees have a quiet space to work without being distracted by other staff.

Have the Individual in Mind

The office should be designed with individuals in mind, instead of the whole working team in general. Everyone is different and consequently everyone has a varied working style. Many people can work in busy environments with people talking and constant distraction, whereas others need silence. The office needs to cater for those with physical and mental health needs and design around those that may need time out from the demanding pressures that the working week brings with it.

Fun, Fashion and Furniture

Every chair and divider should be thought about with the younger generation in mind. The working environment should be professional, but also incorporate quirky elements that represent your brand and its values. Furniture and décor are fantastic ways to weave fun and personality into the office. Bean bags, picnic tables, wall prints, and entertaining gadgets can really boost the positive vibes in the workplace, thus boosting productivity and making young staff want to come to work. If your employees enjoy the working space and speak highly about your business, your brand will have a good image for future candidates and make hardworking, valuable members of staff want to stay with the business. Millennials want a place to be productive and positive; they want a workplace with culture and charisma that they can call a second home.

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