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Office Design – New Year’s Resolutions

A new year is the perfect time to look at your office design with fresh eyes and a new perspective. Good office design has the ability to improve employee morale, optimise workflow and increase output and productivity. Make this year your time to get it right.

While it can seem a mundane aspect, in reality office design has a great deal of influence on the performance of your team. Office environments have the ability to permeate directly into the quality of your work; if it’s in good order, so too will the work that your team produces be.

Fresh is the key word here. It’s about breathing new life and reinvigorating your office space to the direct benefit of those within it. And it certainly doesn’t have to be an endeavour that consumes a great deal of resources.  There are a number of small changes that you can make that will have a big difference this year. Make these office design resolutions and you’ll see the benefits in no time at all.

Have a simple (but deep) spring clean

What is it they say, clean workspace clean mind? If not, then they should. When the place you work in is clear and crisp your ability to focus is heightened. If nothing else, we can all take time to clear up our office environment – but why not go deeper?

A great deal of offices have awesome spaces that have a huge amount of potential that are underused as they are packed with old IT equipment and office supplies. If that’s your workplace, take the time to have a serious clear out. Clutter has a subconscious effect on our productivity – how many times have you found yourself clearing up your desk when you know you should be focussing on that big project? You’re not alone. Clearing up a bit will give your head space to maximise your workflow.

Optimise digital to minimise clutter

This resolution compliments the above. If a great deal of your work is not already on the cloud then make 2017 your year to get as digital as possible. Focussing on going paperless will help to minimise clutter in the office. While it may take some team members a bit of getting used too, it will also stop instances of you misplacing important information in stacks of notes.

Devote a space to collaboration

Collaboration inspires and heightens creativity which makes for much better work and much more fulfilled team members. A good workspace encourages collaboration, not just within teams but across teams. Devoting a space to the creation of a collaborative area for people to put their heads together about projects may well be the best thing you do this year.

Brighten things up and add some colour

Maximising natural light is a great way to improve concentration among employees. Poor lighting is one of the most common causes of office fatigue and irritability. Fix yours to make your team feel more relaxed and able to engage with their work.

It’s also worth adding a touch of colour to your office. Colour psychology shows us that certain colours can have certain subconscious effects on us when we work. We’ve covered the why and how more thoroughly in our article on how colours influence the way you work.

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