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Office Art for the Worker’s Heart

Art is supposedly good for your heart with research showing a correlation between partaking in cultural activities and a lower level of anxiety and depression, a better satisfaction with life and good health overall. A good piece of work makes an individual think, which benefits the brain and can make a person feel better.

Colour can alter a room’s atmosphere

Colour and artwork boost productivity, morale and positivity and the good effect it has on employers and their work ethic is evident in many studies. Research found that employees who had control over an office’s design were happier and healthier! Therefore, art wasn’t only considered decorative, but it also improved productivity among workers.

Wall art for the heart

Looking at art helps reduce stress, thus improving wellbeing. In stressful environments, staff need all the tranquillity an office can provide. A study on people looking at thirty works of art found that the area of the brain related to pleasure was activated when they were observing paintings – the same area that is stimulated by looking at something or someone you love. A new piece of artwork in the office gets people involved and opens new pathways of creativity.

Art not only creates good sensations in the brain, but also opens up a talking point for staff. Pieces of art in social spaces could create conversation between employees about the office decorations and socialising with peers can also boost the wellbeing of staff. Also, research found art did have an effect on the workers’ day as it was found to encourage expression of creativity and gave a push for people to have more opinions in the working environment.

Reflect the company in a positive light

Art can reflect your company’s values, with the ability to post your logo and identity on the walls. However, it shows an employer cares about the working environment and the staff that inhabit it as putting art in the workplace shows effort and attention to detail – a manager has gone the extra mile to make the environment aesthetically pleasing. Taking pride in the place you work in is motivating. Art beautifies and brightens up a work space and provides a place staff can be proud to say they work at. Employees will also much prefer coming to work and work harder if the area is well designed and well thought out. People thrive in environments that promote positivity, and paintings, sculptures and even photographs can all aid in this positive impact.

An office can be a stress-inducing environment to work in, thus art is a distraction from the desks and computer screens. Art is something to look at while sipping morning coffee, instead of the wall. Having artwork that employees can praise or criticise is one way to make staff feel involved in the business. Individuals can comment and suggest new pieces the office could have. This also means employees will feel more comfortable expressing their opinions on how the business works, improvements to the working day and new ideas that could benefit the company.

In addition, having artwork can impress people and clients that visit. It adds character to your office and accentuates your brand’s image, goals and identity. Going to galleries inspires a creative and different way of thinking and promotes communication and self-expression. However, your staff may not get the chance to browse paintings on a daily basis so artwork in the office helps to replicate the cultural experience in the working environment. It’s time to take art out of the gallery and into the office.

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