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Working Healthy Eating into the Office

We can all do our bit to be healthier, and as a managing director or employer, it’s vital that you make your staff aware of ways to live a more nutritious lifestyle, while you are living one too.

It can be hard to get your team to change elements and habits in their life, but with education and a little push in the right direction, your staff could become more motivated and live a more wholesome life.

How Healthy Eating Can Help the Office

Eating a balanced diet not only benefits you and your staff’s health, but also improves morale and productivity. Healthy eating and exercise improves mood and can motivate people to do better at their job. Fruit and healthy foods can also boost your employees’ energy levels, meaning they are less likely to add four sugars to their coffee or drink an energy drink. This way you’re not only benefiting people’s wellbeing, but also improving your staff’s work ethic and helping your business to grow.

Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy

Sitting in an office can make people resign to their desk for the day; often staff may forget to hydrate or eat. Remind people to drink water regularly and stay hydrated throughout the day. You could put posters around the office, or even give everyone their own water bottle to motivate people to drink.


Education on Eating

The best way to promote healthy eating is by educating everyone on the benefits. For example, you could have workshops on how eating healthily can benefit your mind, your working and personal life and body. Furthermore, you could hold seminars on the benefits of eating fruit, reducing sugar in your diet or even the derogatory effects of eating junk food. It would be even better if you could hire fitness and motivational speakers that can advise your employees of simple changes in their lifestyles that could have fantastic benefits.

You could even get people to share their healthy recipes in meetings and people could win prizes for having the best methods. Organise challenges and competitions that promote wellbeing – everyone would love being rewarded for their healthy living efforts.

Bananas Over Biscuits

Keep fruit always at hand and ban the biscuits. Lead by example and have a fruit bowl on your own table – you could offer people a piece of fruit every time they come into your office and keep apples and bananas in meeting rooms. Discourage junk food at lunch times with flyers and posters up in the office kitchen that show how many calories are in junk snacks, compared to healthier options and the difference in how they make you feel afterwards.

Also, make sure the kitchen area is clean and utensils are washed daily. People will be far more likely to prepare healthy meals on a hygienic surface and avoid the microwave.


Swap the Tube for a Bike Ride

Although diet is important for a healthy lifestyle, exercise is a fantastic way to benefit physical and mental health. Encourage your staff to cycle or walk to work for extra exercise – with busy workloads this could be the only workout your employees might be able to get. People could be rewarded for changing their bus ride for a brisk stroll into the office or for digging their old bicycle out of the garage.

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