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Avoiding office gimmicks – the purpose driven workplace

If one thing needs to be made perfectly clear about office design it’s this; perk for perk’s sake does not make a successful office. If you want to create an environment that is conducive to success in your business, alongside being true to your culture, it needs to be purpose driven.

It can be particularly challenging nowadays not to ride the waves of employee expectation when it comes to office design. It used to be the offices in Hollywood films that we associated with success – wall upon wall of dramatic stunning skyline surrounding sparsely decorated offices with rich mahogany desks, at least 10 square metres of personal space per employee. Nowadays however, it’s those of multi-national tech and marketing organisations – astutely renovated factory floors with acres of collaborative spaces, ball pit pools, inter-floor slides and ethically-sourced vegan cafés.

Whatever your business, office design needs to be taken seriously. Whatever you decide to include in your work environment should relate directly to your team and your organisation as a whole. While you might admire something about another company’s office, that doesn’t necessarily it would work for yours.

To be clear, we certainly aren’t saying that you should steer clear of these aspects entirely. They just need to be made in-line with who you are and how you work. If they do not compliment both of those aspects, they are simply a distraction. Here are some reasons why it is important to cultivate a purpose-driven workplace and avoid gimmicks.

It establishes an understanding of prioritisation

When you display that you value productivity so much by creating a space that focusses on providing for working needs above everything else, you establish an understanding of prioritisation across the team. From this point you can establish long-term expectations that are in line with your long-term goals. This can also help foster a sense of ownership.

It roots all aspects of your organisation in your business culture

Start with an office that meets the varying needs of your team throughout an average work day. This can include different areas each designed for either collaboration or lone working. Once you have a foundation that meets these needs, you can then start a process of vetting each extra addition to ensure that it truly does relate to who you are. What does this add to the office? What problem does it seek to serve? Is it at all gimmick that will turn out to be more trouble than it’s worth in the long term? Etc.

It gives you room for growth

The appearance of extra amenities that reflect your office culture further down the line are key signifiers of the success of your organisation. Holding back on investing in something big frees up money to invest in more lucrative aspects of your business that will result in more growth in the short term. As you build, add more to your office that reflects your growth. Use this as a tool for reflecting your appreciation for your team.

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