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Attracting Employees With Your Office

An office is a huge part of why people would want to come work for you and may be the difference between you gaining a valued employee or losing one to another company.

It’s important to design your office for those that already work for you, but also shape your office in a way that will provide for and excite new employees. Here’s how to use your office to attract new members of staff, that may will impact your business for the better:

Think Younger

It’s time to provide for the younger generation’s needs and create a workplace that is original and different. Think crazy chairs, futuristic designs and positive colours. Metallic themes have been a big trend this year, but it’s all about finding a design that represents your brand in a way you want it to.

It’s important to firstly understand your employees and what individuals you want to attract. It’s easy to put a football table in the middle of your office and call yourself trendy, but it’s better to build an office that offers something to everyone, whether that be a quirky communal area with egg chairs or a private space that’s separated by dividers for extra seclusion.

Think First Impressions

Think of some of the most successful companies – Google, Innocent and Facebook, and what do they all have in common? Cool and edgy offices. Interviews will be held in your office, so your work space will be the first impression a potential employee gets of how your business works. Make sure to showcase what you’ve achieved as a company and display any awards, team photos and certificates that you’re proud of. You could also have a stand out area with your brand’s image where people can take pictures and selfies and post to social media to raise awareness of your company.

Think Socially

This year, the kitchen is a big focus in office design as it helps communication between colleagues as an additional meeting space, promotes healthy eating away from fast food restaurants and snacking at desks and provides a short break away from work. Many employees this year may well be looking for a good, clean kitchen that they can relax, cook their meals and socialise in.

It’s not only kitchens that should be improved for future employees, but social spaces too. Meeting rooms and collaborative areas are the hubs for innovativity and fresh ideas, so it’s important to make these spaces as comfortable, bright and equipped as possible.

Think Healthy

Individuals are also becoming more health conscious, so areas that promote wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle should be accommodated for too. These could be good, bike storages units or even a basic gym in the office.

Think That Little Bit Extra

Offer flexible working hours. For example, one day you could let your employees work remotely from home. These simple perks will attract people to your business and make them want to work for you. Life is getting increasingly busier, so offering flexibility is a great way to get people to come work for you. If they live far away, you could even have another hot-desk office that they could go to work.

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