A 5 Star UK Property Award for OEG Interiors - OEG Interiors

A 5 Star UK Property Award for OEG Interiors

OEG Interiors are thrilled to have been awarded a 5 Star Award for Best Office Interior in association with a project for AXA UK at the 2017 UK Property Awards. The 50,000 sqft project was selected from over 200 submissions for the award nationally.

This enviable 5 Star Award qualifies OEG Interiors to be nominated into the running for a Global Property Award.

The win was announced at a gala dinner at the prestigious Royal Lancaster Hotel on the 27th October 2017, with OEG Interiors Head of Design Lucy Martin and Business Development Executive Cleo Allen on hand to collect the award.

AXA UK’s offices designed by OEG Interiors represent what they pride themselves in being renowned for. Creating unique spaces, where people love to be.

With a combination of collaborative meeting places, break out area’s, informal meeting booths, Agile working space, traditional work stations and open plan meeting stations, OEG were able to incorporate all of AXA UK’s requirements into a workplace that leaves staff members feeling motivated, inspired and using the alternative collaboration setting’s as if they were born to them.

The UK Property Awards sponsored by Bentley, celebrate commendable levels of achievement across the property and real estate industry. The awards have a panel of more than 50 well-respected experts from a range of associated backgrounds.

For more information visit https://propertyawards.net/

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