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30th May 2018

Working Healthy Eating into the Office

We can all do our bit to be healthier, and as a managing director or employer, it’s vital that you make your staff aware of ways to live a more nutritious lifestyle, while you are living one too. ... Read more

19th April 2018

Building an Office for the Future

It’s time to say goodbye to traditional methods of office design and look to the future, as the younger generation begin to search for jobs that offer more than just employment. ... Read more

19th March 2018

Office Art for the Worker’s Heart

Art is supposedly good for your heart with research showing a correlation between partaking in cultural activities with low anxiety and depression, a better satisfaction with life and good health overall. Art also makes you think, which benefits the brain and a good piece of work can make a person feel better. ... Read more

19th March 2018

Biomimicry V.S. Biophilic Design

Biomimicry and biophilic styles of office design are similar, but both produce different benefits for staff and interior design. They both relate to nature and are inspired by environmental influences but have different aims in relation to sustainability and health, so can benefit an office’s interior differently. ... Read more

27th February 2018

Office Design Trends for 2018

2018 is the year for office designers to start looking at the bigger picture. Design is no longer about minimised décor or rigid layouts. ... Read more

10th February 2018

Common Mistakes in Office Design

Designing as office takes time and knowledge, and many struggle with knowing what trends and ideas are best for their own brand and employees. ... Read more